Natural gas (CH4) LEL Sensor for Gas Detector

Product Summary

LEL combustible


*Click Here for Combustible LEL Gas Monitor* (Sensor requires transmitter for operation)


Recommended Voltage:   2.0V  +/- 0.1V
Current Drawn:         300 +/- 20mA
Zero Offset:           0mV +/- 25mV
Minimum Sensitivity:   12mV/% CH4/Air
Range:                 0-100% LEL
Accuracy:              +/- 1%LEL
Response Time:         T50: 12 sec  T90: 40 sec
Temperature Range:     -20°C to +70°C
Temperature Drift:     (-20°C to +70°C)
Humidity:              0-100%RH, non-condensing

General Description

The Gas sensor  head is a stainless steel enclosure designed to accommodate the Nemoto NP single header catalytic flammable gas sensor for use as a complete field device operating as a part of a fixed flammable gas detection system.

The head comprises a stainless steel flameproof enclosure constructed with an integral stainless steel sinter filter for the safe entry of the atmosphere being detected.

The NET-2X-30S is a completely sealed device and is designed to be replaceable in the field  complete. The enclosure is fitted with an external thread at the front end to allow easy fitting of accessories.