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Ammonia Sensor Provides Reliable Leak Detection down to -40C

  • By : PureAire Monitoring Systems
  • Posted on : January 14, 2020
ammonia gas sensor1

A renewable electrochemical sensor for the detection and measurement of ammonia (NH3) is available from PureAire Monitoring Systems. Designed to respond quickly to potentially hazardous ammonia leaks and releases in refrigeration systems, fertilizer plants, chemical processing plants, and other facilities where ammonia is used or produced. The PureAire Ammonia Sensor is available with either 0 to 75 ppm, 0-100, 0-500 or 0 to 1000 ppm measurement range. The sensor’s output remains stable and repeatable at -40C without the use of a heater.

Unlike disposable electrochemical sensors, which can be poisoned and permanently damaged by high NH3 concentrations or low temperatures, the PureAire Ammonia Sensor features a liquid electrolyte, which can be quickly and easily replenished to restore proper operation. In addition, it is unaffected by high humidity levels or temperature fluctuations. The PureAire Ammonia Sensor does not respond to IPA, fruit juices, propane and other substances, which often interfere with the performance of competitive sensors.