Benzene Monitors (C6H6)

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    Air check Advantage Ex Benzene Monitor

    The Air check Advantage Ex Benzene Monitor is a compact, extractive continuous gas monitoring system designed to monitor in hazardous areas. The system uses our proprietary disposable electrochemical sensor cell combined with a long life pyrolizer to provide extremely sensitive Benzene monitoring. Unlike traditional LEL solid-state detectors, the Air check Ex pyrolizer technology is extremely sensitive and capable of detecting TLV parts-per-million concentrations of Benzene without being affected by humidity or other environmental conditions.

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    Air check Advantage Benzene Gas Monitor

    The Air check Advantage Benzene Gas Monitor is a compact, extractive gas monitoring system that’s ideal for continuously and remotely monitoring gas cabinets, process tools, scrubber systems, and other areas where maintenance access may be limited or undesirable. Featuring a long life pyrolizer and sample pump, this reliable hazardous gas detection system significantly reduces the labor and downtime commonly associated with gas detector maintenance and service.

    The instrument’s “smart” circuitry continuously monitors sensor cell status and sampling system performance. Continuous sensor cell operation is transmitted via 4-20 mA signal to PureAire controllers, PLC’s or remote alarm systems. Should a system error occur, the Air check Advantage outputs a 2 mA signal to remote alarm/control systems to immediately alert control room personnel.

    The heart of the system is a smart renewable sensor cell linked to a compact pyrolizer. Sample is drawn through the pyrolizer where Benzene is thermally decomposed and converted into another gas that is more easily detected electrochemically. Unlike competitive Benzene detectors, which measure at the percent LEL levels, the Air check Advantage measures at the PPM levels.