Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Monitor, Range 0-50,000 ppm

co2 monitor


Item #: CO2 Meter, 0-5%, Part # 99079

Product Summary

This monitor is used for safety in an environment using CO2. Unlike our oxygen deficiency monitors, this monitor is specifically designed to check the amount of CO2 in the air. If the CO2 level becomes unsafe, an alarm will sound. This is an OSHA compliant device.

The CO2 Storage Safety Alarm is designed to protect customers and workers near stored carbon dioxide (CO2). CO2 alarms are critical in breweries, wineries, beverage dispensing areas, restaurants, fast food establishments, dry ice storage, storage tanks, laboratories, or anywhere CO2 is stored or produced in high volume.

The Monitor has both audible and visual alarms. 2 built-in relays can trigger the alarms at different user-defined CO2 levels, as well as control a ventilation fan or an HVAC control switch to notify maintenance staff of high CO2 levels. This meets the OSHA PEL (Personal Exposure Limit) Standard of 5,000ppm TWA (time weighted average) in a typical 8-hour workday.

The CO2 Storage Safety Alarm is easy to install and use. Simply mount both units on the wall (all cables and hardware included), plug the display unit into a standard wall jack, and the alarms are ready to protect you, your family and your employees.


Sampling MethodDiffusion
Gases DetectedCO2 Carbon Dioxide
Range0 – 5% CO2
Accuracy± 1 % of Full Scale
Operating Temperature-32 to +122F
Display3/4″ LCD Digital Display, Back Lit. Remote Display Included.
Sensor Type15 year
Sensor Life> 15 years under Normal Conditions
Signal OutputsBack Lit Digital Display and Audible Horn Set to 1.5%, and 3% in accordance to OSHA
Power RequirementsPower Supply Included
Width5.5 in
140 mm
Height10.5 in
267 mm
Depth3.25 in
83 mm
Weight1.6 lb
0.8 kg
EnclosureIP 65

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Co2 meter manual

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