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In the biotechnology sector, fertility treatments have grown in recent years. The rise in fertility clinics has led to an increase in egg freezing, IVF, and other biotechnologies that rely on liquid nitrogen to keep eggs stored safely. The nitrogen reduces the development of ice crystals, which can affect the vitality of the frozen eggs.

Along with the increased use of nitrogen in fertility clinics, cryotherapy clinics and medical providers have also come to rely on nitrogen for its chilling properties. For instance, cryotherapy may be an effective cancer therapy; it also reduces inflammation and swelling in injured tissue.

Wherever liquid nitrogen is used, it’s important to put in place safeguards for leaks. If nitrogen leaks, it displaces oxygen, which results in air that’s deficient in O2. As patients and staff breathe oxygen deficient air, they face risk of adverse health effects.

Since these gases cannot be seen or smelled, it’s critical to safeguard any biotech or medical facility where these gases are used. Gas monitors, including dual O2/CO2 monitors and oxygen monitors, detect leaks before oxygen levels fall to dangerous levels. Staff and patients can evacuate, avoiding serious health risks.