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Cryogenics relies on inert gases, including nitrogen, helium, and argon, to maintain very cold temperatures.

Many different facilities use these gases: Sports medicine facilities, culinary institutions, cryo health facilities, food processing plants, laboratories, hospitals and medical settings, and more. These gases have many uses. For example, these gases created chilled temperatures to keep tissue cool, remove oxygen while food is being processed, or chill air or water for physical therapy and healing.

No matter the use of these cryogenic gases, safety considerations are the same. Inert gases have no color or odor, so there’s no way to detect a leak without an independent monitor. If a leak does occur, inert gases can deplete oxygen from the air. With only a few breaths of oxygen deficient air, people could fall unconscious or die.

Install oxygen monitors anywhere cryogenics gases are used or stored to have prompt notification if a leak occurs. Oxygen deficiency monitors may also be required in your industry for OSHA compliance. PureAire’s products are easy to set up, easy to use, and reliable even during thunderstorms and barometric pressure drops. Explore oxygen deficiency monitors today.