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To keep cellular matter frozen in a state of suspension, rather than killing it with chill, cryopreservation facilities use nitrogen freezers. These freezers stay at -150 to -200 Celsius, maintaining a steady state that puts cells to sleep rather than killing them. Cells are then be thawed, days to decades later, with little degradation of DNA.

Cryopreservation facilities rely on nitrogen to power the freezers, which means they face risk of a nitrogen gas leak. Since nitrogen is both odorless and colorless, workers have no way to tell at a glance that there’s a leak. If nitrogen leaks out of a storage dewar, supply line, or freezer, it will start displacing oxygen. When oxygen levels fall to a certain point, staff risk falling unconscious or suffocating.

Oxygen monitors continually check ambient oxygen levels, then alert staff to a nitrogen leak when oxygen levels fall below the safe threshold. PureAire’s oxygen monitors combine a long-lasting sensor with a robust, maintenance-free piece of equipment. Cryopreservation facilities can monitor for leaks and protect employees without spending a lot of time setting up oxygen monitors by partnering with PureAire.