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Specialty gases power a range of industries, from pharmaceutical and health to food and beverage. Gas cylinders and dewars, a type of storage tank, are found in restaurants, labs, universities, wellness centers, and other places of business. Whether these storage tanks hold helium, argon, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, or another gas, the tanks must be stored properly to maintain safety.

The gases stored inside are kept under pressure, which means that impact could render the tanks more susceptible to an explosion. If a gas such as carbon dioxide or nitrogen were to leak from its tank, it would start to displace oxygen; eventually, people breathing the air would suffocate.

Since these gases have no odor or color, the best way to tell whether there’s a leak is by using a gas monitor. Oxygen monitors sample oxygen levels, sounding an alarm if levels drop below safe thresholds. Dual O2/CO2┬ámonitors check for carbon dioxide as well as inert gases, such as nitrogen or argon. By placing one of these monitors anywhere specialty gases are stored or used, you can reduce risk and protect the public health.