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MRI machines rely on liquid helium to keep the super powerful MRI magnet cool. Without helium gas, the magnet could overheat, causing problems with diagnostic imaging. Liquid helium maintains a temperature of -450 Fahrenheit, so it’s able to chill the MRI magnet effectively. Yet it poses safety risks to the MRI patient and the medical staff who work in the MRI lab.

If helium leaked into the MRI room, it would displace oxygen and cause patients to suffocate in the MRI chamber. An oxygen monitor can detect a helium spill before it displaces ambient oxygen, then sound an alarm to notify staff of the leak. With oxygen detectors in place, patients and staff can focus on the procedure without worrying about being exposed to helium.

Due to the magnet’s power, there must be no metal in the MRI room. PureAire offers wall-mounted oxygen monitors as well as oxygen sample draw monitors that use a polyurethane tube, so there is no metal in the room. Protect your MRI facility with sample draw oxygen monitors and O2┬ámonitors today.