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Nitrogen generators allow businesses to create their own nitrogen gas on demand. Liquid nitrogen is stored in a sterile tank, then passed through a vaporizer to transition to a gaseous state where it’s ready to be used. Nitrogen generators are easy to set up, easy to use, and ensure a consistent supply of nitrogen gas for engineering, automotive, food and beverage, and other facilities. Many businesses have switched over to using nitrogen generators from cylinders because they are easier and more cost-effective.

Wherever nitrogen gas is used, there’s a potential for oxygen deficient states to occur if the gas leaks from the generator. When oxygen levels fall below the safe threshold, workers can become nauseous, confused, or asphyxiate from lack of oxygen. Nitrogen gas displaces oxygen from the air, and it cannot be smelled or seen by employees. Since nitrogen generators are most frequently installed within buildings, there is nowhere for the nitrogen to go if a leak occurs.

To keep workers safe, facilities should install an oxygen monitor wherever nitrogen gas is stored or used, to protect against leaks in the generation process. A wall-mounted monitor samples oxygen levels and provides notification of leaks through a loud alarm and flashing lights. This provides sufficient warning for employees to evacuate. Since generators are often stored far from the places where the gas is used, facilities may need multiple O2 monitors to protect their workers.