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Medical facilities and pharmaceutical labs rely on nitrogen gas to maintain frigid temperatures for cell preservation, vaccines (including manufacturing and distribution, storage, tissue destruction, and to put out fires.
For sterilization purposes, nitrogen gas assists with purification by removing oxygen from the environment. This extends the shelf life of a product, while also ensuring that labs growing tissue cultures can maintain a sterile environment.

While nitrogen is beneficial in the lab environment, it isn’t without danger. Nitrogen gas displaces oxygen. If a nitrogen leak were to occur, oxygen levels could fall below safe breathing thresholds. When the air becomes oxygen-deficient, individuals can experience cognitive and respiratory distress, as well as death due to asphyxiation. Since nitrogen gas has no color or odor, staff cannot detect a leak on their own.

Oxygen monitors increase laboratory safety by tracking oxygen levels in the air. If a nitrogen leak displaces oxygen, the monitor will sound an alarm to provide staff with sufficient notification. PureAire’s oxygen monitors are easy to set up, long-lasting, and require no calibration. Protect your staff and enjoy peace of mind by installing an oxygen monitor wherever these gases are stored or used.