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As a cryogenic gas, nitrogen is popular in R&D labs, where substances need to be properly chilled. These gases also prevent bacteria from spoiling tissue cultures in medical research labs, and keep oxygen out of environments where low oxygen levels are needed (for instance, 3D printing facilities). A leak could be devastating, since cryogenic gases displace oxygen.

Within the lab, leaks or improper storage or handling of nitrogen dewars place staff at risk of respiratory problems, cognitive problems, and death should a leak occur. Along with educating staff on proper handling and safety considerations of working with nitrogen, you should protect your facility by investing in oxygen monitors.

These wall-mounted monitors sample the air for oxygen levels, operating continuously with no need for calibration. If nitrogen leaks, it displaces oxygen. When oxygen levels fall, an alarm sounds and staff can exit the premises safely. Protect your facility by installing oxygen monitors wherever cryogenic gases are used. Learn more about PureAire’s line of oxygen monitors, formulated with a long-lasting zirconium sensor that lasts for 10+ years.