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Compressed gases — most commonly argon, nitrogen, and oxygen — are widely used across university laboratories. For instance, nitrogen may be used in a cryo chamber, as part of sports medicine or physical therapy on campus. While these gases are safe when properly stored, improper handling or usage can cause an explosion.

Such gases pose a particular risk at universities, where students, faculty, maintenance workers, and other personnel may use these substances. All of these people must understand the risks posed by these gases.

If a cylinder of gas is improperly stored or a tank becomes damaged in transit, gas can leak out. Cylinders are pressurized, so improperly handing a cylinder can cause it to dent, which makes it more vulnerable to explosion.

To protect the safety of all on campus, universities should invest in oxygen monitors wherever compresses gases are stored or used. These monitors continually check the levels of oxygen in the air, to alert individuals to a gas leak. Since nitrogen and argon are colorless and odorless, there is no other way to spot a leak. PureAire’s oxygen monitors include a robust zirconium sensor, capable of lasting 10 years with no maintenance. Find out more.