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Looking Hot while Staying Cool: Liquid Nitrogen at the Club

  • By : PureAire Monitoring Systems
  • Posted on : October 17, 2014
O2 monitor nitrogen night club

You feel the pulse of the music and the energy of the crowd around you. The beat is infectious and before you know it you are on the dance floor moving your body and having a good time. As the rhythm builds and your hips shake, one thing is holding you back and preventing you from fully enjoying the night. You are just too hot. You left your house looking like a million bucks and now you are a sweaty mess who is one song away from completely melting.

Seconds before you make the decision to escape the crowd and mop up your dripping face, a blast of cold air seemingly from the heavens sweeps across the club and sends a chill through your overheated body. You breathe in deeply and feel refreshed and alive, as you change your mind and stick it out to dance a while longer. You are happy just where you are, looking hot but feeling cool.

The cold blast you felt didn’t come from the heavens, but from a specifically designed and constructed cryogenic system created for the club. A quick blast of liquid nitrogen is all it takes to cool the crowd and have you feeling renewed. This liquid quickly dissipates into a gas, and, because it is denser therefore heavier than air, falls onto the dance floor and the sweaty people below.

Nitrogen is odorless, colorless, and tasteless, making it ideal for going unnoticed (other than a nice cool feeling). These qualities are also what can make it dangerous, because a room could fill with nitrogen without anybody noticing before it is too late. If the right safety precautions, like an oxygen deficiency monitor, are in place, you can party on in confidence. These monitors, like the ones sold by PureAire Monitoring Systems, make sure the oxygen level in the room is at a safe and breathable level, which changes as it is displaced with a heavier gas like nitrogen. If this occurs, an alarm will sound and you will be evacuated before anyone is harmed. An oxygen monitor is commonly installed though most people wouldn’t think to worry about oxygen.

If you are looking for a cool a new experience, try attending a club with a liquid nitrogen system, but always remember, safety first. The oxygen deficiency monitor is usually the last thing to think about when out on the town. Check with the club and make sure they are using an oxygen monitor, and if they are not, have them contact PureAire Monitoring Systems to get hooked up.