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Oxygen Monitors to be Required in Denver County Regarding Use of Nitrogen, Helium, and Argon

  • By : PureAire Monitoring Systems
  • Posted on : May 14, 2014
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There is no question that working with inert gasses can be a useful but dangerous practice. Ideally, there should be an oxygen deficiency monitor in your facility to make sure the air is safe to breathe in case of a gas leak. If your facility is in Denver County, and you don’t yet have an oxygen monitor, be prepared to purchase one. The Denver Fire Department is currently writing a law that makes O2 monitors mandatory in areas containing inert gasses (Nitrogen, Argon, and Helium).

Inert gasses are also referred to as asphyxiating gasses. This means that as they leak, they deplete the oxygen in the surrounding area, causing people nearby to suffocate. An oxygen deficiency monitor tests the air around the tank, or where the gas is being used, to assure that oxygen is maintained at a breathable level. If the oxygen level drops, an alarm sounds, allowing people to evacuate before they asphyxiate. This danger is why the Denver Fire Department is requiring oxygen monitors around the use of inert gasses. As of April 2014, a draft of the law is awaiting approval and will be implemented in the near future.

Currently in New York City, a law requiring oxygen monitors in the presence of inert or cryogenic gasses is already in place. The Denver law is being modeled after this, requiring a monitor for gas amounts that reach or exceed 100 lbs or 60 gallons. This quantity of gas will also require a permit from the fire department.

In order to comply with this new law, facilities using inert gas will have to seek out an oxygen monitor on their own. PureAire Monitoring Systems makes and sells the best O2 monitor on the market. While other companies’ monitors require yearly maintenance, PureAire’s monitor has a censor that lasts for 10+ years. This means that you can install and go about your business and not need to worry about recalibrating. PureAire has been dedicated to your safety since 1997, and is committed to helping you through this transition.