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PureAire Monitoring Systems Grows their Sales Once Again

  • By : PureAire Monitoring Systems
  • Posted on : July 14, 2012

In the past year PureAire Monitoring Systems has grown at the rate of 50%. PureAire is known for the manufacturing and selling of safety gas monitors. There monitors are used in environments such as laboratories, pharmaceutical industries, medical laboratories, universities, nitrogen manufacturing plants, cold storage warehouses, and other various areas where air conditions can be at risk PureAire started in 1997 and has continued to develop new gas monitors for safety in the workplace. They are continuing to push the envelope of technology with the help of well esteemed engineers, and president.

One monitor that has helped attribute to PureAire’s sales is their Oxygen Monitor. Known as the Aircheck TX-1100-DRA, this monitor uses a 10+ year sensor technology which has left their competitors in the dust. Being sold since the 1970’s by their affiliate company Bionics, PureAire re-engineered the monitor and complimented the sensor technology, ultimately increasing the accuracy and stability. The newly developed 3.05 revision software update has even outperformed their previous tests. In addition to their newly designed software, there is a built in horn/strobe, LCD backlight digital display, 2 user selectable alarms, and a 4-20 mA signal for control panels. There hassle free Oxygen Monitor is being used at the most prestigious Universities such as Harvard, UCSB, UC Berkeley, and Cornell.

In addition to, a more recent sought out monitor has been their Methyl Bromide Monitor for fumigation. A monitor being sold for many years, also received an update in their software and hardware. Since 2008, PureAire received a EPA, DPR, and USDA compliancy for their safety methyl bromide monitor in the workplace. PureAire is the only company that makes a 24/7 supervised Ch3Br monitor used to measure in the ppm. Repeatable and reliable tests prove the monitor can be used to measure less than 1ppm. Low.4ppm or 400 ppb can be measured in areas containing methyl bromide gas. Before PureAire’s monitor, sampling tubes (Draeger or Kitagawa Colorimetric Tubes) were the only option to take a real time sample. To measure an air sample, an employee would need to take it him/herself. This ultimately brought up a safety concern for the employees, especially if there is a high concentration of methyl bromide in the area.

Primary areas where PureAire’s methyl bromide monitors are be sold are in cold storage facilities housing pre-fumigated produce before distribution throughout the country. For example, grapes are being shipped abroad to US ports. Before they are distributed to local grocery stores they are fumigated with Ch3Br in high concentrations eliminating pests, etc. Fumigation also ensures the produce is safer before being sold to consumers. The monitors are also used for the residual fumigation of walnuts, asparagus, avocados, apples, and strawberries

Also, PureAire is working on a multi point methyl bromide monitor which is in pre-production stages, hoping to be released to the public in the first quarter for 2012. This will be a 4 channel monitor for clients interested in monitoring 4 separate areas. As PureAire continues to grow, so will the development of newer and edgier products.