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PureAire Monitoring Systems Obtains UL/CUL Listings on All Oxygen Deficiency Monitors

  • By : PureAire Monitoring Systems
  • Posted on : July 30, 2013
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PureAire Monitoring Systems manufactures and distributes oxygen monitors for safety, and as of July 2013, most monitors now include UL/CUL listings.  Their monitors make sure oxygen remains at a safe and breathable level in areas that utilize gasses such as nitrogen, dry ice, helium, and argon. These gases, commonly known as cryogenic gases, can be hazardous or even deadly if used without the proper safety precautions.  Typical areas where these gases are used include laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, cryopreservation facilities, and food processing and handling. The addition of a UL/CUL listing further insures PureAire’s products are the premium choice for your safety.

On July 15, 2013, PureAire Monitoring Systems was officially issued UL/CUL listings for their line of oxygen monitors.  The UL listings were specifically issued for these models: TX-1100-D, TX-1100-DR, TX-1100-DRA, TX-1100-SAM, TX-1100-DRAP and TX-1100-DKF25.  The UL listing file is E363306 Measuring Equipment and is current for use in the US and Canada.  This is exciting news for the company as they are now able to provide products with the assurance and recognition a UL/CUL rating guarantees. PureAire’s oxygen monitors were also tested to EN-61010-1-3-2013 Low Voltage, (LVD) for Ce.

Since their beginnings in 1997, PureAire has sold many thousands of O2 monitors to customers including universities (Cornell, Harvard, and Columbia) and government agencies (NASA, Los Alamos National Labs, NIST).  A release of cryogenic gases in a confined space can cause asphyxiation, making it direly important that every space with human occupancy be monitored. Though these gases can be highly dangerous, their oxygen monitors allow groundbreaking research to be done with the ease of knowing any leak will be immediately detected

PureAire Monitoring Systems provide the #1 O2 monitor in the industry. With a sensor lasting 10+ years, no competitor can offer the same longevity or reliability. Now that they have obtained UL/CUL listings, there is no question they are the unparalleled company to go to for your oxygen safety needs.