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PureAire’s Methyl Bromide Monitor Gains Exposure from the Department of Pesticide Regulation

  • By : PureAire Monitoring Systems
  • Posted on : July 14, 2012

There has been an increased awareness for methyl bromide safety in the past few months. Over a year ago two employees at a cold storage warehouse got physically ill from high levels of methyl bromide. The Ch3br gas was off gassing from the products causing a higher than safe level for the employees. Commodities being shipped from overseas must be fumigated in ports, or warehouses upon arrival to kill off any pests. California DPR has announced PureAire can be used as a real time Methyl Bromide Gas Monitor for safety in the workplace.

PureAire is the only EPA compliant Ch3Br monitor for fumigation safety. The Aircheck monitor is in real time, monitoring 24/7, and capable of detecting low 0.3 parts-per-million. PureAire’s president, Al Carrino saw a demand for a low methyl bromide monitor. From his complex understanding of Methyl Bromide, he was determined to get the EPA, DPR, and the State of California to recognize PureAire’s monitor.

Effective June 25, 2008, the Department of Pesticide Regulation of the California EPA has added a real time remote sensor monitor for the detection of Ch3Br by PureAire Monitoring Systems, in addition to colorimetric detector tubes. The PureAire Air Check Advantage Continuous Methyl Bromide Monitor can now be used to monitor enclosed areas, including warehouse fumigation clearing and commodity fumigation clearing1. Some commodities include grapes, walnuts, strawberries, and asparagus.

The PureAire Air Check Advantage Monitoring System detects and measures methyl bromide in a range of 0 to 10 ppm. Installation of the Ch3Br monitor is simple. For warehouses storing commodities, the Ch3Br monitor should wall mounted at eye level or for easy access. The monitor has a sample inlet and sample outlet port. The monitor can sample directly from the monitors inlet, or a sample tube can be installed increasing the sampling distance to 100 ft.

The Ch3Br monitor is designed for fumigation clearing chambers and storage areas. The monitor is ideal for providing worker protection at orchards, for growers, international airports, and seaports where commodities are fumigated before shipping.

Functions include:

1. 0.3 PPM detectable limit, 0-10 PPM sensor range
2. A local back-light digital display
3. 4-20 mA signal for controller or fire panels
4. 2 User selectable relays or alarms
5. Capable of turning on/off horns and strobes
6. Test and reset modes
7. Sampling length of 100ft

This monitor can replace the use of colorimetric tubes, and provide employees with a “Real Time,” monitor.