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PureAire’s O2 Monitor used in High Altitude Training Gains Recognition among Athletes

  • By : PureAire Monitoring Systems
  • Posted on : July 14, 2012
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Since 2006 PureAire Monitoring Systems O2 Monitors have been used in Hypoxic High Altitude Training rooms. The training rooms are designed to lower the breathable oxygen using nitrogen, and the oxygen monitor is needed to maintain the environment. The technology used to lower the O2 level is used with a nitrogen generator. By lowering the breathable oxygen this creates a more strenuous workout for an athlete.

The generator is important as it dispenses on demand nitrogen at any given time lowering the oxygen levels. For typical training, the oxygen levels are near 15% with the balance of nitrogen. At 15% oxygen the altitude system tricks the body to believe it is training around 8,000 ft above sea level. The O2 deficiency monitor operation range is 0-25%. PureAire’s O2 deficiency monitor was defined as the best product to maintain these stable oxygen levels. Hypoxico Altitude Training Systems is the first to start selling and marketing a product like this.

PureAire’s oxygen deficiency monitor uses a zirconium oxide sensor. The monitor does not require maintenance or calibration. For these reasons, PureAire has been specified as the best fit for the altitude systems. The sensors life expectancy is 10+ years. In addition, the sensors are completely linear full scale of 0-25% giving an almost analyzer quality for the athletes.

Some clients which have been reported to use these altitude training systems are Prince Harry, Lance Armstrong, David Beckham, Cleveland Indians, Bear Grylls, and Michael Phelps. On 60 minutes Michael Phelps talks about using an altitude tent, but said he did not want to show this room to cameras. Many other athletes use altitude training as part of their exercise routines as well.

Altitude is characterized by the reduced partial pressure of oxygen. At a lower partial pressure, there is less oxygen in the air you breathe. It is this reduced oxygen content that stimulates the body to adapt and become more efficient in the uptake, transportation, and metabolism of oxygen. The HYPOXIC ALTITUDE TENT utilizes the same oxygen reduced air that one would find at high elevations. Our Hypoxic Generator continually separates out a portion of oxygen from ambient air before it is pumped into the enclosure. All other gases remain in the air, maintaining the atmospheric pressures of sea-level (or whatever altitude you are living at)1

The main O2 Monitor function which controls the desired training elevation, in the altitude room, is called hysteresis.

Hysteresis is similar to how an air conditioner keeps a desired temperature range in one’s home. For example, if 70f degrees are set on a home’s air conditioner, when the temperature begins to rise to 71f, the temperature control (hysteresis) turns on the air conditioning lowering the temp back down to 70f.

The PureAire O2 monitor has the same function. If the altitude room requires 15% oxygen, PureAire’s O2 monitors hysteresis will work similar to the air conditioner in a home. When the O2 levels rise to 15.5%, the O2 monitor will control the nitrogen generator lowering the O2 to the desired range of 15%.

PureAire is the only O2 monitor being used for altitude training systems currently and with the growing amount of athletes training, PureAire believes only the demand for these training systems will go up in the future.

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