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Where Can I Buy An Oxygen Monitor?

  • By : PureAire Monitoring Systems
  • Posted on : November 03, 2018

You know you need an O2 monitor, but where do you get one, and how much does it cost?  Selling oxygen deficiency monitors is our business, so we’ve rounded up information to choose the right oxygen deficiency monitor for your needs. Who Should Use an Oxygen Deficiency Monitor?  An oxygen deficiency monitor should be placed anywhere that […]


How Do Potato Chips Stay So Fresh In The Bag?

  • By : PureAire Monitoring Systems
  • Posted on : March 06, 2018

Chip bags have all that air in them for a valid reason — and it’s not air, anyway, it’s nitrogen gas. So what is this gas doing in your bag of crisps? First, the gas acts as a preservative so your chips are as crispy when you open the bag as the day they were […]

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Oxygen Monitor’s for Liquid Nitrogen Storage: Why a 10+ Years Sensor Should Be a Requirement

  • By : PureAire Monitoring Systems
  • Posted on : July 14, 2017

PureAire Monitoring Systems manufactures a variety of safety gas monitors, including the Air Check Oxygen Monitor. Oxygen monitors are commonly installed in areas containing liquid nitrogen, cryogenic gas cylinders, or areas with gas lines. Nitrogen gas is used in many industries ranging from medical and sciences to cryotherapy, or nitrogen used in a popularized dessert, ice […]