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nitrogen truck refrigeration oxygen monitor

Nitrogen Refrigerated Trucks a New Trend? An Alternative to Diesel Powered Refrigeration

  • By : PureAire Monitoring Systems
  • Posted on : March 26, 2020

Thanks to technological innovations, the food distribution industry has a greener way to protect refrigerated food during transit: Nitrogen refrigeration. The existing system relies on diesel-powdered mechanical refrigeration units. Although these units are effective, they release significant levels of noise and air pollution. While the new innovations decrease emissions to safeguard the environment, there is a hidden […]


Cryotherapy is Cool

  • By : PureAire Monitoring Systems
  • Posted on : March 05, 2014

  Cryotherapy is a medical treatment that uses extremely low temperatures to help with pain and inflammation.  Not to be confused with cryopreservation, during cryotherapy, only the patient is subjected to extreme cold for a short amount of time. It may seem futuristic, but it is actually an increasingly common treatment among athletes to replace […]


MRI Trends: From 12 to over 25k Location Since 1980

  • By : PureAire Monitoring Systems
  • Posted on : March 14, 2017

Helium gas is something most people feel fairly familiar with.  Children are enthralled with the magical beauty of a floating balloon, watching it reach toward the sky and hoping not to lose their grip on the string.  Helium feels safe, and while people surround themselves with flying wonders filled with this lightweight gas, the real […]