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CloudConnect with Internet Connectivity

Introducing PureAire Monitoring Systems latest product – the PureAire CloudConnect module

  • By : PureAire Monitoring Systems
  • Posted on : July 31, 2023

PureAire Monitoring Systems is excited to announce the launch of our latest offering—the PureAire CloudConnect module, which provides for internet connectivity (with Cloud storage capabilities) for our full line of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Monitors, as well as our Toxic and LEL Combustible Gas Detectors. Our new CloudConnect module will send continuous gas concentration data […]

Air Delivery of Super Cooled COVID 19 Vaccines

Air Delivery of Super-Cooled COVID-19 Vaccines

  • By : PureAire Monitoring Systems
  • Posted on : December 09, 2020

There are several potential COVID-19 vaccines that may soon be available for widespread distribution. In particular, the United Kingdom has recently approved Pfizer’s vaccine, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is considering extending Emergency Use Authorization to the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. That is certainly promising news, but storage, transportation, and delivery of these […]