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What our Clients are Saying

So far they have been performing great. We have not had any issues with the installed monitors. Thanks again for all your help.
Jefferson Labs
We use ~100 of them at Weill Cornell. We have used them for >5 years and have had no issues. They still have to be bump tested and calibrated annually, but having a sensor that doesn’t go out “frequently” is a huge plus.
Cornell Medical School NYC
We bought a PureAire air Check O2 about two years ago. It has a good audible alarm and continuous O2 readout. No problems and easy to set up.
Wittenberg University

“The monitors have worked great so far. They have been tested and accidentally set off performing as expected. Installation was easy and simple. Customer service was also a pleasure. They answered my question quickly and accurately. The representative was knowledgeable which means I did not have to spend a lot time on the phone to get my issue resolved. I look forward to doing business with you in the future as your company conducts themselves at the highest level.”

Excelitas Technologies

“The oxygen monitor is working great! We’ve tied in to a strobe outside and one inside. The unit has been solid. We’re impressed. Thanks for coming out and all the assistance. We’ll be in touch.”

City of Boulder, CO

“I was able to thumb through the O2 monitor menu pretty easily to adjust the span and get the 4-20 signal dialed in. I have to say you personally answering the phone for tech support and the ease of navigating your product has definitely made me a fan of your products. It’s nice to know there are people that take the time to help people in the field like myself; also that the person on the the other end of the phone is very knowledgeable.”

Johnson Controls

“PureAire’s O2 monitor was chosen for our new NMR lab. Operation is super easy and reliable. Construction is robust. Internal relays are used to operate a ventilator fan when low O2 is detected. PureAire sales force is helpful and knowledgeable. If we need any more of these, I ll be looking at PureAire first!”


“We tested the O2 monitor and it was very nice compared to the one another department in our company has, I think disposable.
The calibration free feature really help us not only reducing the calibration cost, but also amount of work needed to arrange calibration. Thank you for the good product.”


“Both sensors are installed and seem to be performing as anticipated, in comparison to the throw away meters that they’re intending to replace. We are very happy with the outcome and if any new interests arise we will be in touch. The sensor with the sample pump is mounted on a concrete/block wall, with the tubing entering into the room being measured. Both have relays to an audible/strobe beacon.”

Momentive Specialty Chemicals

“We actually haven’t installed the recently shipped oxygen monitors yet, our project got a bit delayed. We should be installing in July. We already have several of your O2 sensors for a few years at the site and they work great. Thanks.”

Air Products

“The O2 monitors have been working fine. We only had liquid nitrogen in the room for around a month before the chilled equipment needed to be send back for repairs. The O2 sensor worked good during that period and told us there were leaks. Currently it is offline until the liquid nitrogen is returned.”


Pratt Institute New York City

So far, so good. Our people are excited that they might not have to be calibrated every year (and will be spot checking them periodically).
They are especially excited about the fact that they may not have to change the detector for 10 years.
I put a request in next year’s budget to purchase 10 more. If approved, and we see no problems between now and then, I will be buying them in August.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

“Happy to report that we are all very satisfied w/ our PureAire O2 monitors. They are configured perfectly out of the box and have been faultless. Nothing fancy as to the installations. Most are wall mounted in a room where there are significant quantities of liquid/gaseous nitrogen. If I take any photos in the future, I’ll try to remember to send them your way.”

Simon Fraser University

“This oxygen monitors are working great. I need to install a remote switch in case they purge a tank and set it off. We haven’t had any false alarms from that room yet. I will try to remember to get a pic of the monitor next time I am there.”

Childrens Hospital HCA

“Installation of your Oxygen monitor by our plant service staff went very smoothly. So much so that we could actually use two additional systems. Can you please send me a quote for two additional system? Thank you.”

Vanderbilt University

“You make an excellent product, and your service is outstanding. I am happy to speak to someone interested in the Oxygen Monitor if they have anymore questions about our experience.”

Northrop Grumman

“All is going well with the O2 monitoring unit we have installed so far. We have included the PureAire monitor in our Gas Detection Specification for our customers facility.
In the future we will likely install them with any new systems we sell, and hope to replace existing older non-functioning units as they need it. We are still working with other customers too.

Parker Engineering & Design, LLC

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the O2 Deficiency Monitor. It was easy to add external horns and I didn’t have to change any of the default settings. It works great and the City Fire Department was happy with it.”

ChemImage Corp

“I would like to thank you again for all the assistance you have given me, I really appreciate the customer service you have provided throughout the process of researching to purchasing. I hope you have a good afternoon as well..”

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions

“Many thanks for this. I have just spoken to the eminent professor who had his tripod of sensors set up in the room taking all the measurements today. When I spoke to him earlier and questioned the calibration of his sensors he told me that I shouldn’t question his greatness. I suggested lighting a lighter to see if it would light, thus knowing the O2 would be lower than his reading. Anyway the long and short of it is his sensor was wrong and not yours. He is now convinced we are producing 2.2% O2 and not 10% so I will have to wait for him to again find out that his sensor is not accurate again.”

All the best – The Altitude Centre

“The O2 monitors have been working great, even better after we put the remote horn strobe on. It actually has never gone off except in testing, but it has proved that our old ones were reporting false low O2 conditions. The response rate on the PureAire is very fast. I’m planning to order another when I have some room in my budget, hopefully a couple months away.”


“Thanks again for your support. The oxygen monitors are in their respective locations and are functioning as designed. Nice unit! Everyone thinks
they are a great product. The software menu is easy to use and could not be easier to operate. We performed a Nitrogen check to cause the
LEDs/alarms to activate and all are good.”

Dominion Nuclear

“The O2 monitors are working well and doing a great job! Alarm relays are configured with the exhaust fan and is triggered a couple of times a day if we have LN2 bottles in the area. Excellent product, repeatable, and reliable as advertised”

Gulfstream Aerospace

“In forty plus years of business, I would say PureAire was the most supportive company I have ever worked with. PureAire has a fantastic product and wonderful people. They not only sold us their monitor, but also assisted us in creating a system using their monitor to control our system. They spent weeks working with our engineers.”

“We tested their system for one year operating 24/7, beyond incredible. Totally accurate and reliable, I never once had to adjust any parts or had any problems.”

Resources Worldwide

“The O2 monitor was placed in an area where a liquid nitrogen transfer is done weekly. The monitor reading is checked each time before the transfer is done and so far there has only been a difference of 0.1 in the reading, which I believed to be correct.”


“The oxygen monitor seems to be performing admirably. The sensor is placed in a process room (an ISO 8 clean room) near a process that uses nitrogen. The monitor was able to point out a substantial leak that we probably wouldn’t have found otherwise!”

Pearl Therapeutics, Inc.

“The PureAire arrived today and looks like it is just what we want. It is a little thing, but I especially like the mounting brackets. Many things have mounting brackets that fight the user. Thank you very much!”

UC Santa Barbara

“The system is working great. I hooked it up to our Building Control System (Johnson Control Metasys). If the monitor goes into alarm it will page us with it readout and also send an email to me. Thank for your help.”

Northwest Hospital

“PureAire was fantastic to work with and the product is working well. Al Carrino, PureAire’s president, visited our site regularly to help us with the project development phase. The customer service was first rate, and any and all issues were dealt with immediately. Finally, the price point of the devices was very competitive. These are not devices you necessarily want the lowest bidder on, and PureAire provided what I would consider a Complete Package from concept to start up. You will have no regrets about working with Al Carrino or the PureAire team.”

Cabot Microelectronics

“The monitor that I purchased is being used in my laboratory, in which we do experiments with a continuous flow liquid cryostat and occasionally use liquid nitrogen to cool a detector. Everything seems to be working just fine – the system was easy to install to get up and running.”

National Institute of Standards and Technology (N.I.S.T)

“The O2 monitor is working well. Had some installation problems. Once we worked with your tech support on the installation wiring diagram, turns out the diagram we installed incorrectly. Once that was straightened out it started up fine and is working the way we thought it would.”


Thermo Fisher Scientific

“We have one unit in a room where liquid nitrogen is stored.  It is generally confirming our calculations  that it would take a disaster to dump enough nitrogen into this room to be harmful.  Once when a fairly lengthy venting and filling operation was carried out it briefly alarmed at the 19.5% level. Of course we have enjoyed playing with it and sticking the sample port in a beaker of nitrogen gas.   We are very happy to have this unit.  We have instructed all lab personnel not to enter the room during an alarm and it may indeed protect us in that unlikely disaster.”

Wittenberg University

“Thank you for your follow up. According to our customers feedback, your O2 monitor has been working well. They also said they enjoy the quality We sincerely hope that we can raise our customers’ brand awareness for products from your company in the near future too. Thank you.”

Cuong Thinh Chemical & Science Technology Vietnam

“The O2 monitor has been working just fine. We have it currently installed in our lab near a nitrogen-filled chamber. I’ve been testing it every two days (breathing on it) and it goes down to 20% and then back to 21% almost instantly, so I’m glad to say it’s working fine. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.”

University of Massachusetts

“These were very easy to install in our 3 labs for which we made the purchase.
The location is perfect, in that on both sides, within a few feet, we use Nitrogen to maintain a pad on some of our samples to be analyzed. So far, we have not had an alarm, other than testing it, when we installed it. So, everything is going very well with them.”

BASF Corporation

“To date I think we have installed 6 of the monitors – all at Toyota in Ann Arbor, in several of their test areas. The O2 deficiency monitors have thus far been working well and the customer is very pleased.

We have replaced two MSA Oxygen Monitors and 4 Crowcon Oxygen Monitors.
The customers main reason for changing is the limited life and required maintenance on the electrochemical sensors.
Then, when they are near end of life they are a real problem with frequent alarms, etc till replaced.

Thus far the PureAire units have been very stable and have lived up to what we promoted to the customer when we put them in there.
As long as they keep working well, I am sure that this customer will use them for all future O2 sensors. We will also recommend them to other customers as opportunities permit.”

Parker Engineering & Design, LLC