Trace Oxygen Analyzers

Trace oxygen analyzers are designed for continuous monitoring where inert gases are used to create an environment where there is little to no oxygen present, such as glove boxes, process, or vacuum chambers. By utilizing a KF-type vacuum fitting, the oxygen sensor can be mounted directly into the glove boxes, process or vacuum chambers.

A trace oxygen analyzer is capable of measuring oxygen levels from 0-10 ppm and is well suited for semiconductor tools, including wafer transfer and process chambers, OLED manufacturers, 3D printing, welding, pharmaceutical, and any industry applications where inert gases including, but not limited to, nitrogen, helium, and argon are used to displace oxygen.

The presence of oxygen in certain manufacturing processes can negatively affect the integrity of the product. A trace oxygen analyzer should be used in any location where zero to low levels of oxygen need to be monitored.

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