Water-Resistant Oxygen Monitor with 10+ Year Sensor

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Product Summary

The IP67  Water Resistant Sample Draw Oxygen Monitor is a self-contained oxygen deficiency system that is suitable for remote sampling of confined spaces that require daily wash-downs. The monitor can sample from up to 100 feet away and is ideal for facilities that use inert gases including, but not limited to, nitrogen, helium, and argon. It is perfect for environments such as breweries, bottling plants, food industries, flash freezing, and laboratories. The monitor will remain accurate at temperatures as low as -40C. PureAire’s durable, non-depleting, zirconium oxide sensor will last up to 10+ years without needing to be replaced.

Stock Available
  • Long-life 10 + Years average sensor life
  • No Calibration Sensor
  • IP67 Water-Resistant Enclosure
  • Two-Alarm Relays for 19.5% and 18.0%
  • No Maintenance Required
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Digital Display, 4-20mA Analog Output
  • No drift due to thunderstorms or barometric pressure changes
  • Wall mounting brackets
  • Built-in Flow Sample Pump
  • UL, C UL, and CE Approvals

Long Last Zirconium Sensor

As a leading manufacturer of oxygen monitors, PureAire Monitoring Systems puts performance, reliability, and affordability first. Our oxygen monitors last for 10+ years with no replacement, no maintenance, and no hidden costs.

These monitors work well anywhere gas leaks would cause oxygen depletion, including in food and beverage, bottling plants,  flash freezing tunnels, laboratories, manufacturing facilities, and freezers. Our monitors have a long-lasting zirconium oxide sensor, which delivers reliable monitoring against leaks of argon, helium, and nitrogen for 10 years. The device has its own audible and visual alarm, but it can be connected to fire alarm systems to amplify the reach.

The O2 monitor is easy to set up, easy to operate, and requires no calibration once installed. Supervised watchdog software checks that everything is working properly and notifies you of any inconsistencies on the monitor. Immune to performance changes from barometric pressure drops, humidity, and temperature, these monitors are reliable and cost-effective.


Sampling Method Sample Draw for Splash Down Areas
Gases Detected Oxygen (O2)
Range 0 – 25 %
Accuracy ± 1 % of Full Scale
Operating Temperature -40 to +55 ºC
Display 3/4″ LCD Digital Display, Back Lit
Sensor Type Long-life zirconium oxide sensor cell
Sensor Life > 10 years under Normal Conditions
Signal Outputs 4-20 mA Analog Output
Dual-Level Alarm Relay Contacts
Built-in Horn
Power Requirements 24 VDC
300 mA
Width 7.25 in
184.2 mm
Height 6.0 in
152.4 mm
Depth 5.0 in
127 mm
Weight 2.8 lb
1.3 kg
Enclosure1 Polycarbonate IP67
Required Calibration None
No Zero or Span Pot Adjustment Required
Available without Horn. Contact PureAire for details.
Country of Origin USA
Harmonized Tariff Code 8531.10.0045

1 Not intended for explosive atmospheres

Additional O2 Monitor Accessories List Price
8 Channel Controller $2,595.00 US (P/N # 99058)
Horn and Strobe  $160.00 US (P/N # 42002)
Remote Display $375.00 US (P/N # 99091)

Connects to Distributive Control Systems and Programmable Logic Controllers 

The AirCheck O2 Sample Draw Monitor can be used with PureAire’s proprietary controllers, either single or multichannel. Dual selectable alarm relays set off strobe lights and remote horns, so that staff can learn of the hazard. Individuals can operate the oxygen monitors remotely by as much as 1,000 meters or 0.6 miles from the centralized control systems.

Better Oxygen Sensor Cell

Unlike other oxygen monitors, PureAire’s Air Check O2 Deficiency Monitor relies upon a Current Limiting Zirconium Oxide Oxygen sensor. This sensor does not need a reference gas and can perform reliably in environments that contain 100 percent nitrogen. The sensitive monitor can tell oxygen levels by percentages, so it can operate in lower-temperature environments than the more frequently used concentration-type cells. The improved cell helps PureAire sensors last for 10+ years.

Once set up, the Air Check O2 Deficiency Monitor performs reliably with no concentration. The earth provides natural calibrated oxygen, which keeps the O2 monitor challenged to 10.9 percent. Enjoy consistent oxygen monitoring with no adjustments. For peace of mind, test the unit’s response by subjecting the system to nitrogen periodically.

O2 Monitor System Features

PureAire offers its Air Check O2 Deficiency Monitor in multiple configurations. Every unit comes with a choice of a low-cost basic display monitor or a full-featured, dual-level monitor with user-selectable alarm relays. When built-in alarm relays are used, the sensor continuously monitors electronics, sensor cells, and sample flows. Any faulty information is provided to the front panel LED, mA output, and alarm relay, for instant notification.

Water-Resistant Sample Draw Oxygen Monitor Literature

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