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  • PureAire Universal Gas detector

    Universal Gas Detector

    • Universal transmitter connects to toxic and corrosive gas sensors
    • 2 alarm relays with signal to horn/strobe, building systems, etc.
    • Built-in audible horn and visual alarms with bright LED’s
    • 4-20mA analog output
    • 24/7 Supervised electronics continuously checks sensor and system status
    • Low-cost long life renewable sensor, $35 per recharge
    • Quick gas calibration with a push of a button
    • Optional remote cable to remote sensor up to 30 feet from transmitter
  • PureAire oxygen monitor nitrogen

    Oxygen Deficiency Monitor w/ 10+ Year Sensor

    The Air Check oxygen deficiency monitor is perfect for facilities using nitrogen, helium, and argon. The monitor is also suited for use in confined spaces, cryogenic facilities, and freezers. The monitor remains accurate at temperatures as low as -40C. Our long lasting zirconium oxide sensor lasts for 10+ years.

  • PureAire Sample Draw Oxygen monitor for MRI Rooms

    Sample Draw Oxygen Monitor w/ 10+ Year Sensor

    Our Air Check O2 sample draw monitor is a specialized version of our oxygen deficiency monitor perfect for situations where the monitor cannot physically be in the concerning area. The monitor can reside up to 100ft away from the area to be tested and uses a polyurethane or equivalent 1/4 inch tube to draw the sample. For a sterile environment, this monitor is the solution. This has a 10+ year zirconium oxide sensor.

  • PureAire Methyl bromide gas Monitor

    Air check Advantage Ex Methyl Bromide Monitor

    The Air check Advantage Ex Methyl Bromide Monitor is a compact, extractive continuous gas monitoring system designed to monitor in hazardous areas. The system uses our proprietary renewable electrochemical sensor cell combined with a long life pyrolizer to provide extremely sensitive and specific Methyl Bromide monitoring. Unlike traditional LEL solid-state detectors, the Air check Ex pyrolizer technology is extremely sensitive and capable of detecting parts-per-million concentrations of Methyl Bromide at TLV levels without being affected by humidity or other environmental conditions.

  • PureAire Benzene and NF3 gas Monitor

    Air check Advantage Methyl Bromide Gas Monitor

    The Air check Advantage Methyl Bromide Gas Monitor is a compact, extractive gas monitoring system that’s ideal for continuously and remotely monitoring gas cabinets, process tools, scrubber systems, and other areas where maintenance access may be limited or undesirable. Featuring a long life pyrolizer and sample pump, this reliable hazardous gas detection system significantly reduces the labor and downtime commonly associated with gas detector maintenance and service.

  • PureAire Dual O2/CO2 monitor view

    Dual O2/CO2 Monitor

    This duel sensor monitor is designed for use in areas containing Helium, Argon, and/or Nitrogen, that contain CO2 as well. It includes all of the top of the line features of our air check oxygen deficiency monitor, though it monitors the level of CO2 in the room as well. It is ideal for use in environments such as breweries, beverage or other bottling plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, or grow rooms. This monitor contains a 10+ year zirconium oxide sensor.