Explosion Proof Oxygen Monitor

PureAire Explosion Proof oxygen monitor side viewPureAire Explosion Proof O2 monitor Class 1PureAire Explosion Proof oxygen monitor


Item #: TX-1100-EXR (99020)

Product Summary

An explosion proof monitor is for use in environments that require Class I, div I, Group B,C,D, and div 2 Group E,F, G Enclosures. This monitor is specifically designed to not be a source of ignition. It is ideal for use in spaces with highly combustible gasses. This includes facilities that use blanketing with cryogenic gasses, including nitrogen, or facilities using high concentrations of oxygen. We can also adapt this monitor to be safe for use in class II environments upon request. This will be well suited for spaces with highly combustible dust or particles. This uses a 10+ year zirconium oxide sensor.

Also available in Class II dust configurations. Contact PureAire for details.

PureAire Monitoring Systems is a leading manufacturer of O2 monitors. We created a better product that eliminates the inconvenience of disposable sensors while continuing to meet your needs. When it comes to O2 deficiency detection, PureAire makes the longest lasting, most reliable and affordable oxygen monitors. There are no hidden costs and no replacing of the sensor for 10+ years.

The O2 monitor is used in laboratories using Nitrogen, Helium, and Argon. The monitor is also used in confined spaces, hyperbaric chambers, cryogenic gas storage areas, and freezers. The Air Check oxygen Monitor uses a long-lasting zirconium oxide sensor and responds to changing conditions within seconds at temperatures down to -40C.

Easy to operate, the O2 monitor‘s joystick controls an audible alarm with visual alarm indicators. The instrument uses a local display and can be linked to fire alarm systems.

The monitor requires no maintenance or calibration due to its non-depleting long life sensor. Built in “supervised watchdog” software continuously monitors all instrument functions 24/7. PureAire’s Oxygen monitor is not affected by humidity, temperature, or changes in barometric pressure. Rapidly changing barometric pressure from thunderstorms will not disrupt PureAire’s oxygen deficiency monitor. The majority of oxygen monitors sold use depleting electrochemical sensors that require frequent maintenance and calibration. PureAire’s Oxygen monitor can save up to $400 annually in replaceable sensors.

  • EX Class 1 Div 1 Group B,C,D, and Div 2 Group E,F, G Enclosure
  • 10 + Years No Calibration Sensor
  • Two-Alarm Relays for 19.5% and 18.0%
  • No Maintenance Required
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Digital Display, 4-20mA Analog Output
  • Low 450ºC temperature Zirconium Oxide Sensor
  • No Drift due to Thunderstorms or barometric pressure changes
  • Wall mounting brackets
  • Built-in Flow Sample Pump up 100 ft
  • CE Approval
Sampling MethodSample Draw
Range0 – 25 %
Accuracy± 1% of full scale
Operating Temperature-40 to +55 ºC
Display3/4” backlit digital display
Sensor TypeLong life zirconium oxide sensor cell
Sensor Life10+ years under normal conditions
Signal Outputs4-20 mA Analog Output
Dual Level Alarm Relay Contacts
Power Requirements24 VDC
300 mA
Dimensions168 x 140 x 134 mm
6.625 (W) x 5.50 (H) x 5.25 (D) inches
Weight12 lb
5.5 kg
EnclosureExplosion proof Class 1, Div 1, Group B C and D
Required CalibrationNone
No Zero or Span Pot Adjustment Required
Additional PartsList Price
24 VDC Power Supply$39.00 US (P/N # 45101)
Horn and Strobe Combo$145.00 US (P/N # 42002)
Remote Display$225.00 US (P/N # 99043)

Connects to DCS and PLC Controls

The Air check O2 Deficiency Monitor is 24VDC powered and transmits continuous oxygen concentration levels to any distributive control system, programmable logic controller or PureAire’s proprietary single and multichannel controllers. The Air check O2 Deficiency Monitor can be operated remote up to 1,000 meters, 0.6 miles from centralized distributive control systems.

PureAire’s Oxygen Sensor Cell

The Air check O2 Deficiency Monitor uses an exclusive Current Limiting Zirconium Oxide Oxygen sensor that never requires a reference gas. Unlike concentration type zirconium cells that must have a reference gas, PureAire’s O2 monitor can operate in 100% nitrogen environments. Capable of detecting 0% up to 100% oxygen levels, the current limiting O2 sensor operates at a lower temperature than competitive concentration type cells. The average life of PureAire’s O2 sensor is over 8 years in most environments.
The Air check O2 Deficiency Monitor never needs calibration. The earth is a wonderful source of calibrated oxygen and under ambient levels; PureAire’s O2 monitor is continuously being challenged to 20.9%. There are no zero or span adjustments to make; the only optional response test required is to subject the O2 system to nitrogen periodically.

O2 Monitor System Features

The Air check O2 Deficiency Monitor is available in many different configurations. PureAire uses a sophisticated built-in CPU that is flexible to provide users with a low cost basic display only monitor or a full featured monitor with dual level, user selectable alarm relays. When supplied with built-in alarm relays, the Air check program continuously monitors electronics, sensor cell and sample flow status. Fault information is sent to the mA output, alarm relay and front panel LED.

Air Check O2 EX 99020 Manual (PDF, 2351KB)

O2 EX Monitor Relays and Remote (PDF, 762KB)

Comparison O2 Zirconium Oxide vs EC cell (PDF, 735KB)

Comparison of 10 Year Sensor vs. electrochemical (PDF, 355KB)

O2 Test Against other Companies (PDF, 543KB)

PowerPoint Presentation O2 Monitor (PDF, 52KB)

Remote Digital Display p/n 99091


Power supply p/n 45101 24V for US users

Power supply pn 45101 UL-1

Horn/strobe 24VDC Red p/n 42002

horn and strobe