PureAire CloudConnect


Product Summary

PureAire’s CloudConnect provides for Internet connectivity and Cloud storage capabilities for our full line of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Monitors, as well as our Toxic and LEL Combustible Gas Detectors. The CloudConnect is a remote monitoring service that provides a convenient web portal that enables users to track live monitor status, set up gas detection alerts, and store and retrieve all monitoring data from a private and secure Cloud storage site. Gas monitoring data is viewable on any Internet-connected device, including desktops, tablets, or phones.

The CloudConnect is ideal for locations including, but not limited to, IVF clinics, cryogenic facilities, and laboratories where appropriate gas levels are critical to operations 24/7 while personnel are offsite.

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CloudConnect Features

  • Safe and Secure Cloud Storage
  • 24/7 Gas Level Monitoring
  • Data Logging Capabilities
  • View Live Sensor Data
  • Two Hours of Data Storage and Preservation in case of Internet Disruption
  • WiFi, Cellular Service, or Ethernet Connectivity Options
  • Receive Real-Time Gas Monitoring Alerts via Text, Phone Call, or Email
  • Gas Monitoring Data Viewable and Configurable for Compliance Reporting
  • Includes CloudConnect Device and 12-month Service Subscription







Operating Temperature: -4° to +140°F (-20 to +60°C)
Enclosure: Polycarbonate
Connectivity: WiFi, Cellular Service, or Ethernet
Power Requirements: 24VDC Supply Connected from Monitors
Dimensions: 4″(W) x 4″(H) x 6″(D) inches (101.6mm x 101.6mm x 152.4mm)
Weight: 1 pound (.4 kg)
Country of Origin: USA


PureAire’s CloudConnect enables users to remotely monitor oxygen or other gas levels 24/7 and receive real-time alerts when gas concentration levels require attention, allowing them to identify and respond to potential safety concerns before accidents occur. Immediate alarm and system information is sent to customer-designated safety personnel via text, phone, or email.
All monitoring data is stored permanently, safely, and securely in the Cloud, retrievable for viewing anytime, and configurable for compliance reporting.

In the event of a disruption in Internet connectivity, CloudConnect contains a feature that will store data locally for two hours during such an outage, with the stored data uploaded to the Cloud once connectivity is restored.
The CloudConnect software is mobile-friendly and accessible from any Internet-connected device.

The CloudConnect is compatible with PureAire’s complete line of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Monitors and our Toxic and LEL Combustible Gas Detectors. g

PureAire CloudConnect Product Literature

PureAire CloudConnect Product Manual

Oxygen Deficiency Monitor 0-25% 99016

Oxygen Depletion Monitor for confined spaces and oxygen deficient environments. For locations using nitrogen, argon, helium, carbon dioxide, and other oxygen depleting gases.

Sample Draw Oxygen Deficiency Monitor 0-25% 99029

PureAire Sample Draw Oxygen Deficiency Monitor.

Universal Toxic Gas Detector 99030

PureAire Universal Toxic Gas Detector. Track levels of toxic gases including ammonia, chlorine, arsine. disilane, dichlorosilane, fluorine, hydrogen, HF, hydrogen sulfide, iodine, phosphine, POCl3

ST-48 LEL Combustible/Toxic Gas Detector


*Please Note: The CloudConnect is compatible with PureAire’s complete line of Monitors and Gas Detectors.