Oxygen Deficiency Monitor 0-95%

Oxygen Deficiency Monitor 0-95%

Item #: 99048


Product Summary

The PureAire Oxygen 0-95% Monitor is perfect for facilities that use inert gases including, but not limited to, nitrogen, CO2, helium, and argon. The monitor is well suited for use in confined spaces, cryogenic facilities, freezers, and in locations where an oxygen-enriched environment is necessary. The monitor will remain accurate at temperatures as low as -40C. PureAire’s durable, non-depleting, long-life zirconium oxide sensor will last for 10+ years in a normal environment without needing to be replaced.

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Two-Year Extended Warranty Available for this product in the US, Canada, and Mexico

O2 Monitor Features

  • Long Life 10 + Year Sensor
  • Two, user-adjustable, alarm relay setpoints are available for Oxygen Deficiency of 19.5% or less or Oxygen Enrichment of 22% or more. Alarm defaults are 19.5% and 18.0%
  • No Scheduled Maintenance Required
  • Built-in 90db audible alarm
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Digital Display
  • 4-20mA Analog Output (Active)
  • Operates in Freezers at – 40 ºC
  • No Drift due to Thunderstorms or barometric pressure changes
  • Wall mounting brackets
  • UL, CUL, and CE Approvals
  • 24V DC Power Supply Included (99048)
  • International Power Supply Included (99146)

Long-Lasting O2 Zirconium Sensor

The PureAire 0-95% Oxygen Monitor features a long-lasting zirconium oxide sensor that provides accurate readings for 10+ years with no scheduled maintenance. The Monitor comes with a full 3-year warranty.
PureAire’s 0-95% O2 Monitor is suitable for a wide range of uses. From bar and restaurant beverage stations to tire repair centers, food processing plants, agricultural grow facilities, and hospitals, our 0-95% Oxygen Monitors safely track nitrogen, argon, helium, and CO2 gas levels. The Monitor will alert users when oxygen levels reach an unsafe level, either too low or too high. Our zirconium O2 sensor performs reliably in temperatures ranging from 55 Celsius to -40 Celsius, so it’s ideal for environments including freezers, cryogenic facilities, and frozen food manufacturing plants. The low-maintenance and long-lasting sensor provides continuous monitoring in applications where inert gases such as nitrogen, helium, argon, and carbon dioxide are used or stored. Once set up, the O2 zirconium sensor will operate continuously.

Sampling Method Diffusion
Gases Detected Oxygen (O2)
Range 0 – 95 % O2
Accuracy Delivers ±0.2% accuracy (± 1 % of full range)
Operating Temperature -40° to 140°F (-40° to +60ºC)
Display 3/4″ LCD Digital Display, Back Lit
Sensor Type Long-life zirconium oxide sensor cell
Sensor Life > 10 years under Normal Conditions
Signal Outputs 4-20 mA Analog Output (Active)
Dual-Level Alarm Relay Contacts
Please contact PureAire for the available RS-485 option
Power Requirements 24 VDC
250 mA
Width  5.12 in
130.1 mm
Height 4.5 in
114.3 mm
Depth 3.25 in
82.1 mm
Weight 1.6 lb
0.8 kg
Enclosure  Polycarbonate
Calibration Calibration is not required.
Periodic span adjustment as needed.
Country of Origin USA
Harmonized Tariff Code 8531.10.0045
Additional O2 Monitor Accessories List Price
8 Channel Controller $3355.00 US (P/N # 99196)
Horn and Strobe  $190.00 US (P/N # 42002)
Remote Display $435.00 US (P/N # 99186)

One-Step Sensor Adjustment

PureAire Oxygen Deficiency Monitors require occasional testing with nitrogen to validate the sensor’s response to low oxygen levels. While calibration is not necessary for our monitors to accurately measure oxygen depletion levels1, annual fine-tuning might be needed to ensure the sensor’s span accurately corresponds to the standard 20.9% oxygen concentrations.

PureAire’s Auto-Span not only simplifies the process of adjusting the span of the oxygen sensor but also provides a quick check of the sensor and the monitor’s response to an oxygen-deficient atmosphere. With a press of a button, this feature saves you time and money, protects your facilities and employees, and, most importantly, provides you with the reassurance of consistently reliable performance, making it a valuable addition to your safety measures.

1Please follow your facility’s safety guidelines and state and local regulations regarding calibration requirements for safety equipment.

Plug & Play Setup

PureAire’s O2 Deficiency Monitor mounts in minutes, and it is ready to go right out of the box. Simply mount the unit on the wall in a location where oxygen needs to be monitored, plug it into the power supply, and power on the unit. After four minutes, the Monitor will begin sampling oxygen levels, which are continuously displayed on the Monitor’s screen, ensuring readily available observation at all times. Our customers appreciate a reliable oxygen sensor that is easy to use and read, and that operates 24/7, with no oversight or scheduled maintenance necessary, for up to 10 years.

PureAire O2 Deficiency Monitor Features

To suit the needs of the user, the PureAire 0-95% O2  Monitor comes in a range of configurations. Every unit comes with a full-featured, dual-level monitor, options for alarm relays, and hysteresis to account for supply valves for CO2 and nitrogen. All units have a built-in CPU that houses the monitor, display, and alarm

Oxygen Deficiency Monitor 0-95% Literature

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