8 Channel Programmable Controller for O2 or Gas Monitors

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Product Summary

Available as a power accessory for oxygen monitors and gas detectors, the PureAire Multichannel Controller delivers electrical power and digital or graphic readings for up to 8 channels. The PureAire Multichannel Controller integrates with PureAire’s complete line of oxygen monitors and gas detectors, so you can design a complete system to protect your facility.

Stock Available
  • Designed to control and power 8 monitors
  • Connects any 2 wire or 3 wire gas sensors
  • 2 alarm relays
  • Digital and graphic LCD gas concentration
  • 4- 20 mA
  • Modbus capability, please inquire
  • Built-in power supply

The PureAire Multichannel Controller connects 2-wire or 3-wire to oxygen monitors, analysers, or gas detectors. The built-in power supply allows the multichannel controller to power the monitors located up to 100 feet away. The 2 adjustable relays allow you to create desired audible warnings notifying workers.

The 8-channel controller allows you to take channels offline individually for easy calibration or sensor maintenance. While one channel is offline, the other systems will continue to operate normally.

The multichannel controller allows you to set specifications for each gas sensor for quick differentiation. The LCD graphical display shows current data across all connected channels or trend data over a selected time period. You can manage controller display data in percentage, parts-per million (ppm), or parts-per-billion (ppb). An RS-485 Modbus communication interface is available upon request.


Multi Controller 8 toxic gas and oxygen monitors. 2 wire loop or 3 wire input
Display LCD graphic display
Humidity 0 – 90% non-condensing
Signal Outputs 2 Relays, NO type (200mA, 24VAC / 35 VDC)
Operating Temperature -32 to +122F
Display 3/4″ LCD Digital Display, Back Lit
Communication Interface RS-485, Modbus upon request
Power Requirements 115 / 230VAC 50/60HZ
Dimensions 10.5” x 9” x 6.25”



Additional Accessories List Price
Horn and Strobe  $160.00 US (P/N # 42002)
Remote Display $375.00 US (P/N # 99091)


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