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Proponents of cryo health centers advocate that cryo chambers promote wellness, injury healing, and anti aging. The chilled air reduces inflammation and promotes wellness, without the uncomfortable cold immersion you might expect with an ice bath. Yet after the death of an employee who became trapped in a cryo health center, people are wondering how safe this therapy really is.

Cryo therapy is safe as long as appropriate safeguards are used. Patients must remain in the cryo chamber for no more than three minutes at a time, and must avoid cryo therapy if there are any contraindications, such as heart disease. An employee should always be supervising cryo bathers, in case of incident. Nitrogen gas, which powers the cryo chamber, can create an oxygen deficient environment, where patients can asphyxiate.

Facilities that offer cryo health treatments should install oxygen monitors wherever the nitrogen gas is stored or used, to alert patients to a nitrogen leak that puts their health at risk. PureAire’s oxygen monitors work reliably, require no calibration once installed, and last 10+ years. Reduce the risks of nitrogen exposure by installing oxygen monitors today.