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The food and beverage industries rely on carbon dioxide and nitrogen gas for a range of uses. CO2 carbonates beverages in bars, fast-food establishments, and restaurants. In the food service industry, nitrogen gas helps chill food to create everything from ice cream to modernist cuisine. Nitrogen gas also assists in the food preservation process by removing oxygen from the environment, extending the shelf life, and decreasing the likelihood of spoilage.

Carbon dioxide and nitrogen gas are colorless and odorless. If a canister or supply line begins to leak, gas will enter the restaurant. When this happens, the N or CO2 displaces air. Since no one can tell there’s a leak, there is a danger of oxygen depletion. After a couple of breaths of oxygen-deficient air, employees can lose consciousness or experience respiratory distress.

The easiest way to protect employee safety is to install oxygen monitors or dual O2/CO2┬ámonitors. These detect gas leaks by tracking ambient oxygen levels, then sound an alarm to warn staff. PureAire’s offers some of the longest-lasting monitors in the business, capable of lasting 10+ years with no maintenance.