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Oxygen (O2) Monitors: Disposable Sensors eating your Cash? PureAire Introduces 10 + Year Sensor.

  • By : PureAire Monitoring Systems
  • Posted on : July 14, 2012
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PureAire Monitoring Systems is a leading manufacturer in the gas monitoring industry. When it comes to O2 deficiency monitors PureAire makes the most reliable, longest lasting, and affordable oxygen monitors.

It has been an international standard for the past three decades to use oxygen monitors with disposable sensor cells, (electrochemical sensors). All disposable sensors require frequent maintenance, monthly and quarterly calibration (false alarm if not calibrated), and usually drift to changes in barometric pressure. At PureAire, we made a point to fix this familiar problem and offer you a solution. We created a better product, one that eliminates the inconveniences of disposable sensors while continuing to meet your needs.

The 10+ Year O2 Deficiency Monitor is a unique product offered by PureAire. The Zirconium Oxide (ZrO2) sensor is the key technology that has allowed us to continue providing reliable and long lasting monitors over the years.

The ZrO2 sensor does not rely on partial pressure, or need a reference gas like disposable sensors. Also, our sensor does not require electrolyte, a depleting source of power, while disposable sensors require this fluid to give the sensor its power. Our sensor’s power comes from 24VDC, and does not have a depleting source. PureAire’s 10+ Year 02 Deficiency Monitor is much more reliable, requires no maintenance, and does not need to be calibrated. There zirconium sensor does not have the biases associated with the disposable sensor technology. This means no more false alarms and drifting, and an always-accurate reading.

With over 1,000 monitors in the field, PureAire continues to gain support amongst its users with a hassle free O2 monitor for safety. With our O2 Monitor you can be assured if there is a leak from any cryogenic gas (LN2, He, Ar, and CO2), our built-in audible will go off without any false alarms.