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Month: February 2019

Solar Panels 1

New Solar Cell Technology to Help lower prices for the consumer

  • By : PureAire Monitoring Systems
  • Posted on : February 22, 2019

Inkjet Perovskite solar cells may help shape the future of energy production by lowering costs, and transparency. Solar panels used to be costly and time-consuming to produce—and quite expensive on the consumer side. New technologies have driven costs as well as production time down, to the benefit of consumers. See what’s new with solar panels […]

nitro pepsi

Pepsi Is Launching the First Ever “Nitro Soda”

  • By : PureAire Monitoring Systems
  • Posted on : February 11, 2019

Nitrogen-infused or nitro beverages have been among the biggest trends in the beverage industry. There’s been no shortage of nitro cold brew coffees and nitro beers, but never a nitro soda—until now, with the launch of Nitro Pepsi. The new beverage was sampled at the 2019 Super Bowl and while you won’t find it on […]

How many Oxygen Monitors should be installed 1

How Many O2 Monitors Do I Need? Installation Height and More.

  • By : PureAire Monitoring Systems
  • Posted on : February 04, 2019

While OSHA regulations require the use of an oxygen monitor anywhere that compressed gases or cryogenic liquids are used or stored indoors, the regulation does not provide sufficient detail for facilities on how to set up an oxygen monitor. Businesses want to comply with the regulations but are left wondering what compliance looks like. At […]