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Oxygen Deficiency Monitor

10 + Year Sensor
Detects Nitrogen and Cryogenics
Built-in Audible Alarm
Relays and 4-20mA
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We already have several of your O2 sensors for a few years at the site and they work great. Thanks.

Cornell University

We use ~100 of them at Weill Cornell. We have used them for >5 years and have had no issues. They still have to be bump tested and calibrated annually, but having a sensor that …


Gulfstream Aerospace 

The O2 monitors are working well and doing a great job! Alarm relays are configured with the exhaust fan and is triggered a couple of times a day if we have LN2 bottles in the …


Department of Energy

Purchased the PureAire O2 monitoring system and once it arrived had it installed, very simple and neat. After a 4 minute start up sequence it automatically started to operate. We found that this unit is …


Johnson Controls

I use these devices at Yale University in animal rooms and Labs, they work great, very robust! Extremely competitive, I am very satisfied with the ease of use and lead time of this product!

Northrop Grumman

You make an excellent product, and your service is outstanding. I am happy to speak to someone interested in the Oxygen Monitor if they have any more questions about our experience.


Great customer support with timely response and follow up. Product arrived on time and as sold. Simple to install and connect.

Smitten Ice cream

We buy a lot of oxygen monitors and PureAire’s are by far the best! They have a much longer warranty than other brands and the product is a lot higher quality. Their customer service is …


The Cryo Spa

We have been using PureAire O2 Monitors at The Cryo Spa in Fort Worth for over 3 years now and they have always worked perfectly. I would highly recommend PureAire for any oxygen monitoring needs! …



My co-worker started using these devices down at Yale University, PureAire O2 depletion monitors. After years of dealing with expensive long lead MSA Tox Alert monitors it was a breath of fresh air to be …



We tested the O2 monitor and it was very nice compared to the one another department in our company has which uses disposable sensors. The calibration free feature really helps us not only reducing the …

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