Oxygen Monitors (O2)

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  • PureAire oxygen monitor nitrogen

    Oxygen Deficiency Monitor w/ 10+ Year Sensor

    The Air Check oxygen deficiency monitor is perfect for facilities using nitrogen, helium, and argon. The monitor is also suited for use in confined spaces, cryogenic facilities, and freezers. The monitor remains accurate at temperatures as low as -40C. Our long lasting zirconium oxide sensor lasts for 10+ years.

  • PureAire Sample Draw Oxygen monitor for MRI Rooms

    Sample Draw Oxygen Monitor w/ 10+ Year Sensor

    Our Air Check O2 sample draw monitor is a specialized version of our oxygen deficiency monitor perfect for situations where the monitor cannot physically be in the concerning area. The monitor can reside up to 100ft away from the area to be tested and uses a polyurethane or equivalent 1/4 inch tube to draw the sample. For a sterile environment, this monitor is the solution. This has a 10+ year zirconium oxide sensor.

  • PureAire Explosion Proof oxygen monitor

    Explosion Proof Oxygen Monitor

    An explosion proof monitor is for use in environments that require Class I, div I, Group B,C,D, and div 2 Group E,F, G Enclosures. This monitor is specifically designed to not be a source of ignition. It is ideal for use in spaces with highly combustible gasses. This includes facilities that use blanketing with cryogenic gasses, including nitrogen, or facilities using high concentrations of oxygen. We can also adapt this monitor to be safe for use in class II environments upon request. This will be well suited for spaces with highly combustible dust or particles. This uses a 10+ year zirconium oxide sensor.

    Also available in Class II dust configurations. Contact PureAire for details.

  • PureAire Dual O2/CO2 monitor view

    Dual O2/CO2 Monitor

    This duel sensor monitor is designed for use in areas containing Helium, Argon, and/or Nitrogen, that contain CO2 as well. It includes all of the top of the line features of our air check oxygen deficiency monitor, though it monitors the level of CO2 in the room as well. It is ideal for use in environments such as breweries, beverage or other bottling plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, or grow rooms. This monitor contains a 10+ year zirconium oxide sensor.

  • PureAire oxygen monitor with remote sensor nitrogen

    Oxygen Monitor with Remote Sensor

    This oxygen monitor has all of the same amazing features of our standard O2 deficiency monitor with the added feature of a remote sensor. This specification allows the sensor to be up to 10ft feet from the monitor, connected by a small wire. This is perfect for use in a freezer or unmanned area, where the sensor would be placed inside the area and you would be able to read the monitor outside at a safe distance. The wire can connect the sensor to the monitor right through a wall. This monitor uses a 10+ year zirconium oxide sensor.

  • KF25withremotesensor_01_01

    Trace Oxygen Monitor 0-1000ppm

    This is a specialized monitor for use in a vacuum environment, 3D printer, nitrogen sample line, nitrogen generator, cryogenic enclosures, or gas line. Our 10+ year zirconium oxide sensor can be mounted inside the vacuum and the monitor is either connected via KF25 flange. Sensor is connected using a 10ft cable for easy placement.